Health Style Emporium
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With many years experience in providing on line sales of specialist items for Pet Owners and Lifestyle people we have a range of hard to find products. We strive to be building a comprehensive product line, offering a compelling, focused assortment of hard to find products from around the world, as well as new categories targeted to the lifestyles of People, their Homes and their Pets. Our ferret product range is one of the most comprehensive available in the UK and are mainly sourced in the USA were there is a large pet ferret owning fraternity. The products from the USA are of a very high quality from such well know manufacturers as Marshall Pet Products, 8 in 1 Products, Lixit Products and Super Pet as well as UK manufacturer Sharples n Grant. Our Ferret products are from USA provided by Marshall, 8 in 1, Super Pet and Lixit. Our dog products are from USA and UK provided by Lixit, 8 in 1 and Sharples n Grant. Our bird products are mainly from USA provided by Lixit who have a very strong reputation for innovation and quality.  Health Style Emporium Ltd, Unit 39B Weaver, Industrial Estate Liverpool, L19 8JA, UK email: Mobile: 01514941381